Type 62

Type 62 machine gun on tripod
Type 62 machine gun on tripod


Caliber  7,62×51 NATO
Weight 10,7 kg(gun with bipod) + 6,4 (US M2 tripod)
Length 1200 mm
Barrel length 635 mm
Feed  belt
Rate offire 550rounds per minute


Type 62 general purpose machine gun was developed during early 1960sand adopted by Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) in 1962. It isstill in use by JSDF, and it was never exported from Japan.

TheType 62 universal machine gun is automatic weapon with air-cooled,quick detachable barrel. The gun is gas-operated, with a long-strokegas piston located below the barrel. Barrel locking is achieved bytilting the front of the bolt up, so its lateral lugs can engagerecesses in the receiver walls. Upon discharge, cams on the gas piston/ operating rod first drop the front of the bolt down to unlock andthen retract it to complete the reloading cycle. The extraction systemis also quite unusual. Instead of the traditional spring-loaded hookextractor, the Type 62 bolt has a solid claw-shaped hook made above the breech face of the bolt. Upon unlocking, as the bolt head is tippeddown, this hook also goes down and firmly engages the ejection grooveof the fired cartridge case. Spent cases are ejected downwards.
 The gun is belt-fed, using US M13 disintegrating-link belts with openpockets. The feed direction is from the left side only. The feed systempulls the belt in two strokes, a half-step on bolt-opening andhalf-step on the bolt closing. Cartridges are then pushed from the beltdirectly into the chamber.
 The gun is fitted with a pistol grip and a single trigger, which permits automatic fire only.Additional furniture includes a wooden buttstock and a folding bipodthat is attached to the gas tube below the barrel. For the sustained fire role the Type 62 can be installed on the US M2 tripod.