Negev NG7



7.62х51 NATO

Weight, kg


Overall length, mm

1000 / 820

Barrel length, mm


Cyclic rate of fire, rounds per minute

850 – 1150




Negev NG7 machine gun was developed by Israeli small arms manufacturing company IWI Ltd on request from Israeli Defense Forces, to provide lightweight support weapon for foot soldiers, which can fire potent 7,62×51 NATO ammunition in volume rates. As its name suggests, Negev NG7 was developed from successful 5,56mm Negev LMG, with appropriate redesign applied to enlarge, strengthen and simplify new weapon. Most important change in the NG7 machine gun, other than bigger caliber, is that it is fed using only belts; magazine feed option of the parent 5,56mmNegev machine gun was discarded. The NG7 machine gun is already in production and is adopted by Israeli Defense Forces.


The Negev NG7 machine gun is gas operated, selective fire weapon. It fires from open bolt, and can be used either in semi- or full-automatic modes of fire, thanks to the fire mode selector, located above the left grip panel. To facilitate large volume of fire it is equipped with quick-detachable barrels, fitted with folding carrying handles. Feed is from disintegrating NATO-standard belts, which can be carried in clip-on semi-rigid “assault” containers with 100- and 125-round capacity, or in separate boxes. Standard furniture includes folding adjustable bipod, pistol grip with rifle type trigger, side-folding and adjustable shoulder stock. Optional accessories include “assault” grip below the barrel, sound moderator (silencer), various vehicle mounts. Standard sighting equipment consists of an adjustable front post sight, mounted on each barrel, and adjustable aperture type rear sight, which is installed onto the integral Picatinny rail on the top of receiver. When required, iron rear sight can be easily replaced with red-dot, telescope or night sight of user’s choice, using same Picatinny rail and appropriate mountings.