HK 221




Weight, empty

11,7 kg


1185 mm

Barrel length

547 mm

Rate of fire

600 – 800 rounds per minute




The HK 221 machine gun was developed in around 2007-2008 by famous German arms-making company Heckler und Koch for participation in new general purpose machine gun trials for French and German armed forces. It is based on the famous Belgian FN MAG machine gun, as a variant of the FN MAG, known as L7A2 is manufactured by Heckler-Koch under contract from British Ministry of Defense. Current position of the HK 221 machine gun is somehow uncertain, as French army recently selected original Belgian FN MAG machine guns as their future 7,62mm GPMG, and German armed forces seem to prefer another design by Heckler-Koch, the HK 121 machine gun.


HK 221 machine gun is gas operated weapon, firing from open bolt in full automatic mode only. It has long stroke gas piston, located below the barrel, and a manual gas regulator which allows adjusting rate of fire. Air-cooled barrel is quick-removable. Barrel locking is achieved by tilting down a locking piece, located at the rear of the bolt, to engage with insert in the receiver. Gun is fed using NATO-standard disintegrating steel belts. It is equipped with integral folding bipod under the gas tube, pistol grip with trigger and a side-folding shoulder stock, made of plastic. It can be fitted on a variety of infantry tripods and vehicle mounts. Top of receiver is provided with standard Picatinny rail which allows for easy installation of various day and night sights, and iron sights are provided, with HK-style drum-adjustable rear aperture sight.