Daewoo ХK12




Weight, empty




Barrel length


Rate of fire

650 – 950rounds per minute




The XK12 machine gun was developed by South Korean company S&T Daewoo as a replacement for old and somehow obsolete 7,62mm M60 general purpose machine guns of American manufacture. First displayed to the public in 2009, XK12 machine gun will be designated as K12 once it will enter the service with ROK Armed forces.

XK12 machine gun is gas operated weapon, firing from open bolt in full automatic mode only. It has long stroke gas piston, located below the barrel, and a manual gas regulator which allows adjusting rate of fire. Air-cooled barrel is quick-removable. Barrel locking is achieved by conventional rotating bolt. Gun is fed using NATO-standard disintegrating steel belts. It is equipped with integral folding bipod under the gas tube, pistol grip with trigger and a telescoped (collapsible) shoulder stock. For use in vehicle mounts or from sustained fire tripods gun can be fitted with quick-detachable dual spade grips, which are mounted over the collapsed shoulder stock. Spade grips unit has its own thumb trigger which is connected to the standard trigger via special linkage. Top of receiver is provided with standard Picatinny rail which allows for easy installation of various day and night sights.