7,62×51 NATO


1165 mm

Barrel length

550 mm


10,8 kg

Rate of fire





AEK-999 “Barsuk” (Badger) general purpose machine gun was developed during early 1990s as a product improvement program for Kalashnikov PKM machine gun, to improve its capabilities in ‘light machine gun / squad automatic weapon’ role. The goal of the development was to produce a modified version of PKM, capable of sustained firepower without recourse to quick-change barrels and better suitable for use by foot soldiers, when fired from the hip (‘assault style’) or from integral bipod. The AEK-999 was developed at the Kovrov Machinebuilding Plant (KMZ), but lost in military trials to the “Petcheneg” machine gun, which was developed under same requirements at the TSNII TochMash research institute. Small batches of AEK-999 machine guns were manufactured by KMZ before 2006 for Russian Internal Affairs Ministry (MVD) troops. In 2006 KMZ has ceased all military production, and AEK-999 is no longer manufactured, although some guns are still in use by Russian MVD troops.

The AEK-999 machine gun is based on Kalashnikov PKM machine gun, using same receiver group. Most important changes include new barrel, made of special steel, also used in manufacture of aircraft cannon barrels. This new barrel is partially fluted to save weight and improve heat dissipation, and is provided with mirage top cover and more effective muzzle brake / flash hider. This new barrel can be removed from the gun for inspection or maintenance, but in the combat AEK-999 is not provided with spare barrel. To further enhance weapon capabilities, AEK-999 is fitted with small polymer forend under the barrel, and folding bipod is moved forward and attached to the barrel rather than gas tube. If necessary, AEK-999 can be equipped with tactical sound moderator (silencer). It also can accept all standard PKM accessories, including tripod mount, and 100-round clip-on belt boxes.