Bofors AK5

Bofors AK5 - basic version
Bofors AK5 – basic version


Bofors AK5B - scoped designated marksmen rifle
Bofors AK5B – scoped designated marksmenrifle


 Bofors AK5 with M203 grenade launcher
 Bofors AK5 with M203 grenade launcher


 Bofors AK5D - shortened version with Picatinny rail
 Bofors AK5D – shortened version with Picatinny rail



Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO 
Action: Gas operated, rotating bolt
Length: 1008 mm (Stock Extended), 753 mm (Stock Retracted)
Barrel Length: 450 mm
Weight: 3.90 kg
Magazine: 30 rounds box
Rate Of Fire: 650 rounds per minute


Sweden adopted its first7.62 mm assault rifle in 1963, as the AK-4. It was a license-built version ofthe Heckler & Koch G3  rifle, which served well until the adoption ofthe 5.56 mm ammunition in 1984. After extensive trials, which included designslike the Israeli Galil (made under license by FFV of Sweden), the German HK33, the American M16A1, the Swiss SIG SG-540 and some other designs, the Swedish army finally selected the Belgian  FN FNC as its next weapon. The basic FN FNC riflewas modified to suit Swedish requirements, the most notable changes being the omission of the 3-round burst mode of fire, an enlarged trigger guard, a thicker forend and improved, corrosion-resistant finish on all metallic parts. First deliveries were made from FN circa 1986, and domestic rifles began to enter service a year later, made at Bofors' Karl Gustaf factories. The modified FNC rifle, adopted as the AK-5, is now in service with Swedish armed forces.

The AK5 assault rifle is essentially similar to theBelgian FN FNC rifle, except for several modifications. First, the AK5 has no provision for the 3-round burst mode, and will fire only single shots or full auto. Second, the buttstock and handguards are made longer and more suitable for winter conditions, and the charging handle enlarged for better grip when using arctic mittens. Special surface treatment isused for better protection against the elements. The AK5 is manufactured in several modifications, including the basic AK5; the AK5B with 4X telescopic sight (British SUSAT L9A1) and cheek-pad on buttstock, which is issued as a squad-level marksmen rifle; AK5C with Picatinny rail and no open sights; AK5D with the shortened barrel, and integral carrying handle with built-in telescope sight, intended for Commando units and paratroopers; and a grenade-launching version, fitted with American M203 40mm grenade launcher, which is used mostly by Rangers and amphibious forces.

Thanks for the info and pictures to: Olof "Sgt." Petersson, Sweden.