Zastava M70 M70A M70B M70A1 M70AB1 M70AB2 M70B1 M05E assault rifle (Serbia / former Yugoslavia)

Zastava M70 rifle serves as a base for a broad family of 7.62x39mm assault rifles, which first entered production in early 1970s in Yugoslavia and are still in production today, at the Zastava Arms factory in Serbia. These rifles were used by Yugoslavian army and police, and also widely exported, and can be often encountered in Africa, Middle East and other regions. A licensed copy of the Zastava M70 rifle was produced in Iraq as Tabuk rifle.

Zastava M70A rifle

Zastava M70A assault rifle, early version with machined receiver and folding stock. Muzzle is fitted with grenade launcheing adapter, grenade sight is raised into firing position


Zastava M70B1

Zastava M70B1 assault rifle, present day version with stamped receiver and fixed stock


All M70 rifles are based on soviet Kalashnikov AK or AKM rifle, with a number of peculiar modifications. M70 rifles such typical Kalashnikov features as gas operated, long stroke gas system, rotary bolt locking, overall layout and safety/selector design. Most production variants of the M70 family are described below. Peculiar features include gas cut-off, built into the gas block and used to launch rifle grenades. Gas cut-off is engaged by raising grenade sight into vertical position. Grenades are launched using screw-on barrel extension and special blank ammunition. Other easily distinguishable features include characteristic black plastic pistol grip and slightly longer wooden forend with three, rather than two cooling slots.


Zastava M70AB2

Zastava M70AB2 rifle, with stamped receiver and folding stock


Zastava M70B3

Zastava M70B3 rifle, present day version without grenade-launching features (folding sight coupled with gas block)


Zastava M05E3

Zastava M05E3, modern version with Picatinny rails and side-folding s=polymer stock


Below is the list of most important production varisnts of the Zastava M70 family:

  • Zastava M70 – early version with machined receiver and fixed wood stock. Barrel is screwed into the receiver on threads. Obsolete.

  • Zastava M70A – version of the M70 under-folding metallic stock. Obsolete.

  • Zastava M70A1 – version of the M70A with side rail for night vision sight. Obsolete

  • Zastava M70B – intermediate version with machined receiver and fixed wood stock. Barrel is press-fitted into the receiver. Obsolete.

  • Zastava M70AB – version of the M70B under-folding metallic stock. Obsolete.

  • Zastava M70B1 – currently manufactured variant with stamped steel RPK-type receiver (with thicker 1.5mm steel)

  • Zastava M70B1N – version of M70B1 with side rail for night vision sight

  • Zastava M70AB1 – stamped steel, AKM-type receiver, under-folding metallic stock. Obsolete.

  • Zastava M70AB2 – currently manufactured version of the M70B1 with under-folding metallic stock.

  • Zastava M70B3 – currently produced variant of M70B1 with gas cut-off and grenade sight removed;

  • Zastava M70AB3 — version of the M70B3 with under-folding stock

  • Zastava M72 — squad automatic / light machine gun based on M70B1. Has longer, partially finned barrel and bipod, can be fitted with fixed or under-folding stock.

  • Zastava M05E – modern version with polymer furniture, Picatinny rails and side-folding plastic stock. Can be fitted with plain removable top cover or with hinged top cover with integrated Picatinny rail (M05E3)








Length, mm


915 / 670

934 / 689

Barrel length, mm


Weight, kg

4,17 3,97 4,25

Rate of fire, rounds/min


Magazine capacity, rounds