CZ-2000 / Lada assault rifle (Czech republic)

CZ Lada assault rifle in 5.45x39mm

CZ Lada Assault Rifle in 5.45x39mm


CZ-2000 assault rifle in 5.56x45 NATO

CZ-2000 Assault Rifle in 5.56×45 NATO


CZ-2000 compact assault rifle in 5.56x45 NATO

CZ-2000 Compact Assault Rifle in 5.56×45 NATO


CZ-2000 light machine gun in 5.56x45 NATO

CZ-2000 Light Machine Gun in 5.56×45 NATO


The LADA family of assault rifles was developed by the famous Czechoslovak small arms factory CZ-UB during the 1980s, following the Warsaw pact armies’ switch to Soviet 5.45x39mm ammunition. It was intended to replace the SA Vz.58 7.62mm assault rifle then in service with the Czechoslovak Army. The “Lada” system consisted of three variations of the weapon: (standard assault rifle, compact rifle and light machine gun / squad automatic weapon). It was built on the basic concept of the Soviet Kalashnikov Ak-74 rifle, but with several changes and upgrades. Following the dissolution of the Warsaw pact (in 1991), the Czech Republic aligned itself with the NATO bloc, and the LADA system was redesigned to accept 5.56x45mm NATO ammunition. It was re-designated as the CZ-2000 rifle system. For various political and budgetary reasons the CZ-2000 system was never put into full scale production, and the entire project was abandoned around 2007.

The CZ-2000 assault rifle is a gas operated, magazine fed weapon, featuring a standard Kalashnikov-type long stroke gas piston securely attached to the bolt carrier and a two-lug rotating bolt. Its receivers are made from stamped steel, and the receiver top cover is hinged at the front. A typical AK-style safety / fire-selector lever is coupled with an additional safety / selector lever at the left side of the receiver, above the pistol grip. The sights also differ from the AK pattern, with a diopter rear sight being mounted on the receiver cover, with protective fences made from steel wire. Sights are marked up to 800 metres. Both front and rear sights are fitted with luminous inserts for night-time operations. A relatively small muzzle flash suppressor replaces the large AK-74-style muzzle brake. All CZ-2000 rifles are fitted with side-folding skeleton butt as standard issue.