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Beretta model 57 carbine / assault rifle (Italy)

The Beretta model 57 carbine was developed by famous Italian gun making company Beretta during late 1950s, mostly for export sales. It was broadly based on US M1 carbine, and fired same .30 M1 Carbine (7.62x33mm) intermediate power cartridge. However, unlike M1, which originally was a semi-automatic only weapon, Beretta model 57 carbine was made as a select-fire weapon from the start. It came a bit late, as during late 1950s entire NATO organization, Italy included, commenced rearmament for a more powerful 7.62x51mm cartridge, forced upon its allies by USA. It appears that the only buyer for Beretta model 57 carbine was the kingdom of Morocco, which purchased several hundreds of these little and handy guns, which are exceedingly rare today.


Beretta model 57 carbine
Beretta model 57 carbine


Beretta model 57 carbine is a gas operated weapon, with short stroke, tappet style gas piston, located below the barrel. Bolt is locked to the receiver by tipping its rear end up, to engage a respective cut in the roof of the receiver. Hammer fired trigger system featured two triggers: forward trigger was responsible for semi-automatic fire 9single shots), pull on the rear trigger produced automatic (continuous) fire. Manual safety was located on the left side of the gun, above triggers. Charging handle was located on the right, and remained stationary when gun was fired. Overall, weapon was pretty well “sealed up” against the dust and sand. Ammunition was fed from proprietary 30-round box magazines. Carbine was fitted with wooden stock and featured flip-up rear iron sight and a bayonet mount on the barrel.


Specification Value
Full text name Beretta model 57 carbine / assault rifle (Italy)
Caliber cartridge .30 M1 carbine (7.62x33)
Action type select-fire
Trigger type sa
Overall length, mm 956
Barrel length, mm 450
Weight empty, kg 2.9
Magazine capacity, rounds 30
Cyclic rate of fire, rounds/min 500