MKEK MPT-76 Mehmetçik-2 automatic rifle


MKEK MPT-76 Mehmetçik-2 automatic rifle



7.62×51 NATO


Gas operated

Length, mm


Barrel length, mm


Weight, kg


Rate of fire, rounds/minute


Magazine capacity, rounds



Turkish defense manufacturer MKEK (Makina ve Kimya Endüstrisi Kurumu) began development of a new assault rifle for Turkish armed forces in around 2007.  By 2008, MKEK produced a 5.56mm rifle called Mehmetçik-1, based on German HK 416 rifle. After several years of tests and development, Turkish army re-evaluated its requirements, and, based on its actual combat experience with various calibers in service (7.62×51 in HK G3, 7.62×39 in Kalashnikov AKM and 5.56×45 in HK 33), decided to stay with 7.62×51 NATO round for its next army rifle.
As a result, in May 2014 MKEK delivered first batch of 7.62x51mm MKEK MPT-76 automatic rifles to Turkish army. “MPT” stands for Milli Piyade Tüfeği, or National Infantry Rifle in English. MKEK MPT-76 rifle appears to be visually and technically similar to German HK 417 rifle. Fate the 5.56mm Mehmetçik-1 rifle is uncertain at this point (May, 2014).


MKEK MPT-76 rifle is gas operated, select-fire weapon. It uses short stroke gas piston, located above the barrel, and AR-10/Ar-15 style rotary bolt, bolt carrier and return spring system. Aluminum alloy receiver also is based on AR-10/AR-15 design, with upper and lower halves being connected by two captive cross-pins. Rifle features M16-style charging handle, ambidextrous magazine release, bolt hold-open release and safety / fire selector controls. Ammunition is fed from 20-round box magazines, made from translucent polymer. Rifle is equipped with telescoping, adjustable shoulder stock. Front sight is mounted on the gas block and features folding base. Integral Picatinny rail on top of the receiver can hosts aperture-type rear sight (fully adjustable for range and windage), as well as quick-detachable carrying handle with “see-through” channel for standard iron sights plus its own set of iron sights for short-range applications (with U-shaped notch rear sight), built into the top of the handle.  Carrying handle can be easily replaced with any type of red-dot, telescope or night sight with appropriate mountings. Additional Picatinny rails on the forend permit mounting of various accessories. Knife-bayonet may be attached for the barrel, if required.