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Kalashnikov AK-308 assault rifle (Russia)

The Kalashnikov AK-308 assault rifle is a new development of the Kalashnikov concern. Developed upon requests from several foreign customers, this rifle fires powerful 7.62×51 NATO ammunition and is intended for countries where this round is still in widespread use. It’s also useful for the various Special Forces that in certain tactical situations might prefer power, range and the penetration of the 7.62×51 ammunition over lighter intermediate rounds, such as 5.56×45 or 7.62×39. It was first presented during the Russian Army 2018 expo and is still in development.


Kalashnikov AK-308 assault rifle
Kalashnikov AK-308 assault rifle


The Kalashnikov AK-308 assault rifle is based on the new 5.45mm AK-12 assault rifle, with the basic design being stretched and strengthened to accept noticeably more powerful ammunition. It features the same Kalashnikov gas operated, long stroke piston, rotary bolt system. The receiver layout also follows the famous Kalashnikov pattern, with rigid stamped steel construction and removable top cover. The latter is attached to the receiver by the captive cross pin at the front, and features a spring-loaded element at the rear, to ensure stable and repeatable positioning of the integrated Picatinny rail during extended field use and maintenance. Controls also follow the traditional AK pattern, with a safety / fire selector lever on the right side. The AK-308 rifle can fire both semi and fully automatic, feeding ammunition from detachable box magazines constructed from impact-resistant polymer. Magazine capacity is either 20 or 30 rounds. This rifle features an AK-12-style non-removable gas tube design with frontal maintenance plug. The  Aluminium alloy forend is attached to the receiver and relieves the barrel from stresses that may ensue from various holding or supporting positions.


Kalashnikov AK-308 assault rifle
Kalashnikov AK-308 assault rifle


The barrel and chamber are chrome-lined for durability and ease of maintenance. The barrel is provided with (an effective) muzzle device and bayonet lug. A quick-detachable tactical sound suppressor can be used when required. The pistol grip is made from polymer and has a small storage container in its base. The shoulder stock is of a sturdy side-folding, telescoping design. A cleaning kit is stored in the shoulder stock, accessible via a sliding buttpad. Standard sights are a protected front post, mounted on the gas block, and an adjustable aperture rear sight, with range settings for 100 – 800 meters. Additional sighting devices (red dot, telescope and/or night sights) can be attached to the Picatinny rail on the top cover and on the forend.

The AK-308 rifle is capable of hosting a 40mm underbarrel grenade launcher and other useful tactical accessories.

Shown above is the latest prototype, based on a more modern AK-12.

Here is a video from Kalashnikov.media that shows the first prototype of the AK-308 rifle, based on the AK-103.


Specification Value
Full text name Kalashnikov AK-308 assault rifle (Russia)
Caliber cartridge 7.62x51mm NATO / .308 Winchester
Action type select-fire
Trigger type sa
Overall length, mm 885-945
Length, folded, mm 690
Barrel length, mm 415
Weight empty, kg 4.1
Magazine capacity, rounds 20, 30
Cyclic rate of fire, rounds/min 700