IMBEL IA2 5.56 assault rifle

Specification Value
Full text name IMBEL IA2 5.56 assault rifle
Caliber cartridge 5.56x45 NATO, .223 Remington
Action type select-fire
Trigger type sa
Overall length, mm 850
Length, folded, mm 600
Barrel length, mm 330
Weight empty, kg 3,38
Magazine capacity, rounds 30
Cyclic rate of fire, rounds/min 750

The IA2 5.56 assault rifle was developed by Brazilian state-owned IMBEL arms factory between 2008 and 2012. It was officially adopted by Brazilian military in October of 2013, and entered initial production. The IMBEL IA2 5.56 assault rifle is based on earlier rifles from IMBEL, from 7.62 mm. Fz.968 (license-built FN FAL) through 5.56 mm. IMBEl MD1 – MD3 and MD97. It must be noted that IMBEL also designed a 7.62×51 IA2 rifle, which, in fact, is a factory conversion of the older FN FAL rifles. Despite certain external similarities in layout and furniture, 5.56 IA2 and 7.62 IA2 rifles are two different systems.


IMBEL IA2 5.56 assault rifle is gas operated, select fire weapon. It uses short stroke gas piston with manual gas regulator, located above the barrel. Barrel locking is achieved by conventional rotary bolt with 7 radial lugs that lock into the barrel extension. This allows for lightweight, aluminum alloy receiver, with aluminum alloy trigger housing hinged below. Cocking handle is located on the left side of the receiver and does not move when gun is fired. Furniture (forend, pistol grip and side-folding shoulder stock) is made from polymer. Feed is from detachable box magazines, compatible with US M16 rifles. Standard sights include flip-up aperture rear sight with settings for 150 and 300 meters. Additional sights (red dot, telescope, night vision) can be installed on the integral Picatinny rail that runs atop of the receiver and forend. Additional rails on the forend can host other optional equipment such as tactical lights, vertical grips, lasers etc. Despite relatively short barrel, IMBEL IA2 5.56 assault rifle can be fitted with detachable knife-bayonet.


Special thanks to Ronaldo Olive (Brazil) for photos and information.