IMBEL MD-97/MD-97LC assault rifle

IMBEL assault rifles, top "military" MD-97L, bottom "police"MD-97LC; versions with folding buttstocks
IMBEL assault rifles, top “military” MD-97L, bottom “police” MD-97LC; versions with folding buttstocks


Specification Value
Full text name IMBEL MD-97/MD-97LC assault rifle
Caliber cartridge 5.56x45 NATO, .223 Remington
Action type select-fire
Trigger type sa
Length, folded, mm 1010 (MD-97L), 850 (MD-97LC)
Barrel length, mm 437 (MD-97L), 330 (MD-97LC)
Weight empty, kg 3,7 (MD-97L), 3,3 (MD-97LC)
Magazine capacity, rounds 30

IMBEL MD-97 family of rifles was developed on the basis of earlier IMBELMD-2 rifles, with certain improvements in parts and overall size. The family consists of two basic models, the selectively-fired MD-97L rifle, which isintended for Brazilian Army’s Special Forces, and semi-automatic only MD-97LC carbine, which is intended for police use.

IMBEL MD-97 rifles feature gas operated action with short-stroke piston and rotary bolt locking. The trigger unit and folding or fixed buttstock are same as on earlier 7,62 mm. Fz MD963 rifles (Brazilian-made copies of Belgian FN FAL rifle). Both rifle and police carbine variants are available with either fixed or folding buttstocks; the military MD-97L also can be fitted with domestically-made 40 mm. underbarrel grenade launcher or bayonet. MD-97 rifles use M16-compatible magazines.