Zastava M77

Zastava M77 assault rifle has been developed and produced in former Yugoslavia since late 1970s. It was based on the Zastava M70 rifle and was intended for export sales, and offered in a select-fire military version and in semi-automatic only civilian version. Early versions featured machined receivers, modern versions, which are still in production at Zastava Arms factory in Serbia, feature stamped steel receives. Zastava also offers more modern-looking version of its M77 rifle, designated as M05N. It is produced with polymer furniture, set of Picatinny rails and with two barrel lengths, standard (500 mm) and short (406 mm).


Zastava M77 rifle

Zastava M77 rifle


Zastava M77 assault rifle is based on the Zastava M70 and features same Kalashnikov-type design with long stroke gas operated system, rotary bolt locking, trigger and safety setup etc. To accommodate longer and more powerful 7.62x51NATO round its receiver and bolt are strengthened, barrel is made longer and is equipped with flash hider. Gas system is equipped with manual gas regulator. Other features include wooden shoulder stock with rubber but pad, wooden forend and plastic pistol grip. Rifle can be used to launch rifle grenades by using screw-on launcher adapter and detachable grenade sight. Ammunition is fed from detachable 20-round box magazines.

Zastava M05N rifles feature side-folding stocks made from polymer, and top-folding receiver cover with integrated Picatinny rail. M05N2 variant also features Galil-style ambidextrous safety/selector lever on the left side of the gun.




Zastava M05N2 rifle

Zastava M05N2 rifle





M05N2 short


7,62х51 NATO

Length, mm


1049 / 804

955 / 710

Barrel length, mm



Weight, kg




Rate of fire, rounds/min


Magazine capacity, rounds