QBS-06 underwater assault rifle


 special underwater cartridge 5.8×42 DBS-06



5.8×42 DBS-06


Gas operated, rotary bolt

Length, mm

680 mm (with stock collapsed)

Barrel length, mm

No data

Weight, kg

3.15 kg

Rate of fire, rounds/minute

No data

Magazine capacity, rounds



QBS-06 underwater assault rifle is patterned after older Soviet APS underwater assault rifle. QBS-06 weapon is in use by Chinese frogmen (combat divers of Chinese Navy). QBS-06 underwater assault rifle uses specially developed 5.8mm DBS-06 ammunition, which is built using lacquered steel cases of the PLA’s general issue 5.8×42 ammunition, loaded with long, needle-like projectiles intended for submersible use. These hydrodynamically stabilized projectiles have no stabilization when fired above the water (in the air).


The QBS-06 underwater assault rifle is gas operated, rotary bolt weapon. It is fed using specially developed detachable plastic magazines with 25-round capacity. Rifle is equipped with simple fixed iron sights and retractable shoulder stock, made of steel wire. Simple furniture (pistol grip and forend) is made from plastic.