CAA Kalashnikov-Israel Kalashnikov-USA AK-Alfa assault rifle

AK-Alfa assault rifle, left side

AK-Alfa assault rifle, right side

AK-Alfa assault rifle, left side. Note that when the charging handle is set on the left, the folded stock blocks it, preventing rifle to be charged or fired repeatedly.

AK-Alfa assault rifle, version with black furniture, KeyMod forend and short barrel


Specification Value
Full text name CAA Kalashnikov-Israel Kalashnikov-USA AK-Alfa assault rifle
Caliber cartridge 5.56x45 NATO, .223 Remington7.62x39 M43
Action type select-fire
Trigger type sa
Overall length, mm 950 (for 415 mm barrel)
Length, folded, mm 685 (for 415 mm barrel)
Barrel length, mm 415, 314
Weight empty, kg 3,5 (for 415 mm barrel)
Magazine capacity, rounds 30
Cyclic rate of fire, rounds/min 600-650

The AK-Alfa rifle is an interesting attempt to upgrade ergonomics and handling characteristics of famous Kalashnikov AK-type weapons while maintaining their remarkable reliability and simplicity of use. It appears that AK-Alpha project was conducted by a group of Israeli engineers from Command Arms & Accessories (CAA) Company, with certain advice “from outside”. AK-Alfa prototype rifles were first shown in 2016 during some international exhibitions (ShotShow in USA and Eurosatory in France) under brands of “Kalashnikov USA” and “Kalashnikov Israel”. It must be noted that official representatives of the Russian Kalashnikov concern provided no comments about this weapon, but one has to note that the core components of the current AK-Alpha prototypes are Russian-made Saiga carbines, produced by the Kalashnikov concern. As of mid-2016, AK-Alpha rifles are still in pre-production, prototype form.


As noted above, cores of the current AK-Alpha rifles are Russian-made Saiga semi-automatic carbines in 5.56mm (.223) and 7.62mm (semi-automatic or converted to select-fire by CAA). AK-Alpha rifles use complete (but modified) Saiga stamped steel receivers along with bolt groups, barrels, gas tubes and certain trigger parts. Stamped steel receiver is enclosed into polymer shell that forms integral pistol grip, trigger guard and magazine well. Standard AK-style top cover is replaced with noticeably longer aluminum alloy top cover with integrated Picatinny rail. Top cover is attached to the forward of the receiver by dovetail and to the rear of the receiver by a removable cross-pin. To remove the new top cover, one first has to remove lower forend (which is also attached to the receiver by a cross-pin), then push the retaining pin and slide the cover forward and off the gun. The Saiga bolt carrier is modified by milling off an integral bolt handle and replacing it with removable bolt handle that can be installed on either side of the gun. Standard AK-type safety / fire mode selector is replaced with more comfortable ambidextrous safety / fire selector, and rifles are planned to be made in semi-auto only (civilian) and select-fire (Military/LE) versions. Side folding, adjustable shoulder stock is made from polymer and folds to the left. AK-Alfa rifles can use any AK-compatible magazines in 7.62×39, and Galil-compatible magazines in 5.56/.223.