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Kalashnikov TR9 Paradox carbine / shotgun (Russia)

Kalashnikov TR9 Paradox carbine (‘smoothbore’ gun) is one of those cases when severity or lack of logic in firearm laws is circumvented by ingenuity and use of various loopholes. In particular, Russian gun laws permit rifle ownership only for those who previously legally owned shotgun for at least five consequent years. However, many shooters want rifles or carbines, and are ready to settle for a firearm which is close to their desired weapon in performance but is available on a shotgun / smoothbore license. To achieve this ‘rifle like’ effect, Russian gun makers use old shotgun bore styles which were specifically designed for slugs, namely Paradox and Lancaster systems. In Kalashnikov TR9 weapon barrel is made with Paradox bore, which is smooth for most of its length, except for about 10-15 cm closest to the muzzle, where rifling is made by cold hammer forging process. Legally, such Paradox barrels are considered to be “smoothbore” in Russia and such weapons are registered as smoothbore (“shotguns”), even if they shoot slugs only. There is a company well known in Russia for development of several types of ‘smoothbore’ ammunition, based on rifle rounds. It is a Techkrim Ltd from Izhevsk. In this particular case Techkrim produced a new 345TK cartridge, which is legally certified as ‘smoothbore’ ammunition. New cartridge is made to emulate 9×19 Luger ammunition, and features rimless steel case 22 mm long, loaded with variety of jacketed or hollowpoint bullets 8.8mm in diameter, weighting about 7.5 – 9.5 gram, with cartridge overall length being compatible with 9×19 Luger magazines. Ballistics of the 345TK round is also similar to 9×19 Luger, with effective range from 30cm carbine barrel being about 100 meters, give or take.


Kalashnikov TR9 Paradox carbine
Kalashnikov TR9 Paradox carbine


345 TK ammunition
345 TK ammunition

Kalashnikov TR9 Paradox carbine is basically a Saiga-9 pistol caliber semiautomatic carbine, but with Paradox type barrel. It uses same simple blowback action, firing from closed bolt and using internal hammer. Basic layout of the gun is inherited from Vityaz-SN submachine gun, which, in turn, is broadly based on Kalashnikov AK74M rifle. Kalashnikov TR9 Paradox carbine uses same detachable box magazines as Saiga-9. It is fitted with iron sights, and has Picatinny rail atop of the hinged receiver cover. As of moment fo this writing, Kalashnikov TR9 Paradox carbine is available in two versions. One is basic, with triangle side-folding shoulder stock, similar to AKS-74, and exposed barrel. Second version is more fancy and expensive, as it is fitted with new AK-19 type polymer stock, which is adjustable for length of pull and can be folded to the left. It is also fitted with pistol grip and forend based on AK-200 rifle. Muzzle end of the barrel is enclosed into dummy / decorative “suppressor” for more cool looks.

Kalashnikov TR9 Paradox
Kalashnikov TR9 Paradox with upgraded furniture and dummy suppressor


Specification Value
Full text name Kalashnikov TR9 Paradox carbine / shotgun (Russia)
Caliber cartridge 345 TK
Action type semi-automatic
Trigger type sa
Overall length, mm 830
Length, folded, mm 610
Barrel length, mm 367
Weight empty, kg 3.1
Magazine capacity, rounds 10, 30