Savage-Stevens model 620 shotgun (USA)

The Savage-Stevens model 620 Shotgun was introduced in 1927 as an improvement on the previous model 520 shotgun by the same manufacturer. It was commercially produced in many variations until around 1965.

Special police versions were made in the form of the Stevens model 620 Riot gun. During WW2, US armed forces procured a significant number of so called model 620 Trench guns. These were based on the Riot gun and additionally equipped with a ventilated barrel shroud and a bayonet mount. These guns also saw military use during the Korean War and the early stages of the Vietnam War.


Savage-Stevens model 620 Trench gun

Savage-Stevens model 620 Trench gun


Technical Details:

The Savage-Stevens model 620 shotgun is a manually operated, slide (pump) action shotgun. It features sturdy construction with an all-steel receiver. The bolt is locked by a tilting lock which engages a cut in the roof of the receiver. Ammunition is fed from an underbarrel tubular magazine. The trigger and hammer unit is mounted on the removable trigger plate, made integral with the trigger guard.

A Manual safety was made in the form of a cross-bolt button, located behind the trigger. All Model 620 shotguns also featured an easy ‘take-down’ design (easy disassembly).

These guns were equipped with 20-inch cylinder bore barrels. The trench guns were similar but also featured a ventilated steel handguard and a bayonet mount.


Specification Value
Full text name Savage-Stevens model 620 shotgun (USA)
Caliber cartridge 12 Gauge
Action type manual
Trigger type sa
Overall length, mm 991
Barrel length, mm 508
Weight empty, kg 3,5
Magazine capacity, rounds 5