Beretta Tx4




12 Gauge, chamber 70mm (2 ¾ ”)



Overall length

995 mm (39.2”)

Barrel length

470 mm(18.5”)

Weight, empty

2.9 kg (6.4 lbs)

Magazine capacity

5 rounds


Beretta Tx4 Storm tactical semi-automatic shotgun is a multi-purpose shotgun, developed by Beretta for home defense, sport shooting and security service use. With correct ammunition it also can be used for hunting.


Beretta Tx4 Storm tactical semi-automatic shotgun is a gas operated weapon with annular gas piston, located over the magazine tube which runs below the barrel. It features self-adjustable gas system which operates rotating bolt and can reliably cycle even low-powered loads which are used in sport shooting. To enhance flexibility of the gun, its barrel is equipped with removable choke system. Receiver is made from aluminum alloy, furniture is made from polymer. Tubular magazine can hold only 5 rounds in basic configuration. Polymer stock with semi-pistol grip can be adjusted for length of pull with additional butt spacers, if required. Standard sights include protected front sight and removable aperture type (ghost ring) rear; additional sighting equipment such as Red Dot sights can be installed onto Picatinny rail that is mounted above the receiver.