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Franchi SPAS 15



Type: Selective semi-auto (Gas operated, rotating bolt) or manual pump action
Gauge: 12
Chamber: 70mm (2 1/2").
Barrel length: 450 mm
Overall length: 1000 mm (750mm with butt folded)
Weight: 3.9 kg empty
Magazine: 6 rounds detachable box


The Franchi SPAS 15 shotgun is a further development of the earlier SPAS-12 shotgun. SPAS-15 is intended as a law enforcement or a military weapon, thatrequire reliability, versatility and firepower. The firepower is achieved b yusing detachable, single stack box magazines along with the gas-operatedsemi-automatic action, so multiple shots could be fired in quick succession and magazine could be changed much faster than reloading a conventional tubularshotgun magazine. The versatility is achieved by complementing the semi-automatic action with manually selectable pump action, which allows to firelow pressure ammunition, such as less lethal tear gas or rubber slug projectiles.

SPAS 15 utilizes short piston stroke, rotating bolt gas operated action. The gas chamber and cylinder are located above the barrel, the bolt group is mounted onthe dual guide rods along with the recoil springs and could be removed as a single unit for ease of maintenance. The type of action (semi-automatic, ormanual pump) is selected by the position of the forearm. To put the gun into the AUTO mode, one must push and hold the button, located at the top of the forearm,and then pull the forearm all the way forward until the red marking"auto" will appear on the barrel shroud. To switch gun back to the PUMP mode one must push and hold the same button and then pull the forearm a little back until it will lock and the red marking "PUMP" will appearon the barrel shroud ahead of forearm. The cocking handle is completely ambidextrous and located at the top of the receiver, under the carrying handle. SPAS-15features a manual safety lever, located inside the triggerguard, that locks the trigger when engaged, and an additional automatic grip safety at the pistolhandle, under the triggerguard. 

SPAS-15 feature a set of open, rifletype adjustable sights, and could be equipped with various additional sighting devices, such as red dot sights or laser pointers. The receiver of SPAS-15 ismade from aluminum alloy, the furniture is made from polymer plastics. Earlie rmodels were equipped with fixed plastic buttstock or with side-folding skeletontype metallic buttstocks. Recent production models are equipped with side-folding, solid plastic buttstocks. Magazines are made from plastic and canhold up to 6 rounds of 12 gauge shotgun ammunition. Barrels had a cylindrical bore and can be equipped with Variochoke system.

The SPAS-15 is a high quality, reliable and versatile arm, and it is being used by various law enforcement and military agencies, including some units of Italian army.