Hatsan Escort Raider

Hatsan Escort Raider semi-auto tactical shotgun


Hatsan Escort Raider semi-auto tactical shotgun with folding stock




12 or 20 Gauge, chamber 76mm (3”)


Gas operated semi-automatic

Overall length

1025 mm (40.3”)

Barrel length

460 mm (18”), also 510mm (20”)

Weight, empty

3.9 kg (8.6 lbs)

Magazine capacity

2, 5 or 7 rounds


Hatsan Escort Raider semi-auto tactical shotguns are produced in Turkey in several versions intended primarily for police use, home defense and practical shooting. These shotguns are based on a well-proven and successful line of Escort semi-auto shotguns, modified with addition of detachable box magazine feed system.


Hatsan Escort Raider shotguns are semi-automatic weapons that use self-regulating gas operated action with annual gas piston, which is located around the tube that runs below the barrel, inside the forend. Hatsan Escort Raider shotguns feature aluminum alloy receivers specially redesigned to take detachable box magazines. Currently magazines are available in 2, 5 and 7-round capacity. Escort Raider shotguns are equipped with pistol grip and either fixed, telescoping or folding stock. Barrels feature cylinder bore, with screw-on flash hider that can be replaced with breaching stand-off crown. Standard sights feature ghost ring rear sight and a front blade, and an integral Picatinny rails are provided to host red-dot sights and other useful tactical accessories such as flashlights or lasers.