Hawk XY10

Hawk XY10 automatic / select-fire shotgun


10mm ammunition with less-lethal "bean bag" load for Hawk XY10 shotgun




10mm (10x50R)



Overall length

845-893 mm

Barrel length


Weight, empty


Magazine capacity

10 or 30 rounds


The XY10 automatic shotgun is produced by Chinese company Hawk Industries specifically for law enforcement use. It is designed to fire proprietary 10mm brass shotshells (with overall length about 50mm / 2”) that can be loaded with less-lethal “bean bag” impact projectiles, CS tear gas projectiles, or large size buckshot (3 lead balls of about 10mm each per rounds). What makes this gun to stand out from the crowd of other law enforcement shotguns is that it is capable of full automatic fire with rate of about 5 shots per second. With less-lethal ammunition its maximum effective range is claimed to be about 15 meters, with lead buckshot its maximum effective range is about 50 meters.


Hawk XY10 automatic / select-fire shotgun is believed to be gas operated, using detachable box magazines with 10 and 30-round capacity. It features adjustable telescoping shoulder stock and set of Picatinny rails to mount additional equipment such as flashlights or laser sights.