Benelli Nova tactical

Benelli 'Nova' tactical shotgun with Aimpoint red-dot sight and extended magazine.
 Benelli 'Nova' tactical shotgun with Aimpoint red-dot sight and extended magazine.


Type: pump-action
Gauge: 12
Chamber: 3 1/2 inch (89 mm)
Length: 1025 mm (with 470 mm barrel)
Barrel length:  470 mm (18.5 inch) or 500 mm (20 inch)
Weight:  3.05 kg empty, with 470mm barrel
Capacity: 4 3-inch rounds in underbarrel tube magazine (6 3-inch rounds with extended magazine)


The Nova shotgun is the latest development in the pump shotguns from famous Italian company Benelli Armi. It has been developed in the late 1990s and incorporates the latest in firearms design. Nova tactical / Special Purpose shotgun is built to use most powerful 3 and 3 1/2 inch magnum shotshells yet to be reliable, light and comfortable to operate.

Nova uses patented design of the receiver and buttstock made as a single piece from polymer and reinforced with steel inserts. The buttstock could be equipped with optional internal recoil reducer, which is an essential feature for such a light gun firing most powerful ammunition. Butt is also fitted with rubber recoil pad, which also helps to tame the recoil. Long and very comfortable sliding forearm also is made from polymer. Benelli Nova uses the rotating bolt with two lugs to lock the barrel . Tubular underbarrel magazine can hold up to 4 3-inch shotshells in the standard version and up to 6 3-inch shotshells with magazine extension installed (it can hold even more if you will use shorter shells). Nova Tactical is available with rifle type open or ghost ring (diopter) sights, and with optional accessory rail that mounts at the top of the receiver. This rail allows to mount various scopes, such as red dot or night vision devices. Manual safety is of cross-bolt, push-button type, and located at the forward part of the triggerguard. There's also internal firing pin safety. The gun has a weather-resistant finish on all metallic parts, and the stock is already weather-resistant, so Nova tactical is well suited as a carry / patrol gun for those who walks on their own feets. It also makes the Nova an excellent hunting gun with proper barrel installed.

In general. Nova is a high quality, light weight and hard-hitting weapon, with the only drawback being the unavailability of the folding butt version (which, obviously, will require a different receiver).