Catus B2-36

Catus B2-36 semi-auto shotgun with fixed wooden stock


Catus B2-36 semi-auto shotgun with top-folding stock and polymer furniture




.410 or 36 Gauge, chamber 65mm (2.5”)


Gas operated semi-automatic

Overall length


Barrel length

470 mm (18.5”) – 650 mm (25.6”)

Weight, empty

2.2-2.5 kg (4.8-5.5 lbs)

Magazine capacity

4, 5 or 7 rounds


Catus B2 semi-auto shotguns are produced in Turkeyin several versions intended primarily for civilian use in hunting, home defense and recreational shooting. Due to legislative restriction in Turkey, rifle licenses are very hard (and expensive) to obtain, while shotgun licenses are relatively easy to get and inexpensive. Therefore, small-bore semi-auto shotguns gained popularity in Turkeyas “ersatz” rifles, to be used with slug ammunition. In this particular case, manufacturer claims that with high quality 14 gram (1/2 oz) slug loads Catus B2 shotguns have effective range of up to 200 meters. User reports, however, suggest that actual practical range with slugs is about 80-100 meters maximum. Combined with affordable price for guns and relatively mild recoil, this explains increasing popularity of shotguns of this type in Turkey. Catus shotguns also are sold for export.


Catus B2 shotguns are semi-automatic weapons that use gas operated action with annual gas piston, which is located around the tube that runs below the barrel, inside the forend. Catus shotguns feature aluminum alloy receivers specially designed to take detachable box magazines. Currently magazines are available in 4, 5 and 7-round capacity. Catus shotguns can be fitted with traditional wood, plastic or folding stocks. Standard sights feature rifle-type rear sight and a front blade, plus optional Picatinny rails.