Remington R12 / VersaMax Tactical

Remington VersaMax hunting shotgun


Remington VersaMax Tactical shotgun


Remington R12 shotgun


Remington R12E ("Entry") shotgun








12 Gauge, 89mm (3.5”) chamber


Semi-automatic, gas operated

Overall length

~1016 mm (~40”)

~1117 mm (~44”)

Barrel length

457 mm (18”)

560 mm (22”)

Weight, empty

~3.2 kg (~7lbs)

3.5 kg (7.75 lbs)

Magazine capacity

6 rounds

8 rounds


Remington R12 combat shotgun is a further evolution of the Remington VersaMax Tactical weapon, which is a member of the relatively new VersaMax family of shotguns, first announced by famous US gun maker Remington back in 2010. R12 shotgun is intended mostly for military and LE application, being relatively short. It is also available in even shorter R12E “Entry” version with 14.5” barrel and 4-shot magazine. The Remington VersaMax Tactical is also suitable for LE use, but it is mostly intended for civilians who are seeking a versatile shotgun for home defense, hunting and/or practical sport shooting. Of cause, Remington VersaMax family of shotguns also includes several versions of sporting guns, suitable for most applications, being that sport or hunting.


Remington R12 and VersaMax Tactical shotgun are based on the patented Versaport self-regulating system, which automatically adjusts amount of powder gases used to cycle its gas-operated action. This is done by putting gas ports at the front of the chamber, in three groups (3 at the rear, one in the middle and 3 at the front, for 7 total). When gun is loaded with short and relatively low-pressure 2 ¾ inch shells, all ports are exposed and used to feed maximum amount of gas to the dual gas pistons, located below the chamber. When longer, 3-inch Magnum shell (that tend to generate higher pressures due to heavier loads) is loaded into the chamber, its longer body covers rear group of gas ports, decreasing amount of powder gases used to cycle the action through 4 ports that remain unobstructed. When even longer and highest-pressure Super-Magnum shell is loaded into the chamber, its body closes all but three forward gas ports, further decreasing amount of high pressure powder gases used to cycle the action. This way, user can mix almost any type of loads in his gun, from mild ¾ oz (22 gram) sporting / practice loads and all the way up to Super-Magnum loads of 2 oz (56 gram) shot, 18 pellets of 00 buckshot or heavy slugs, with no need for any adjustment.

Remington R12 and VersaMax Tactical shotguns utilize rotary bolt locking. Feed is front integral tubular magazine, located below the barrel. Standard VersaMax stock is made from polymer, with semi-pistol grip and recoil-cushioning inserts in the butt. R12 shotguns also feature optional “tactical” stocks with separate pistol grip. Other differences between Remington R12 and VersaMax Tactical are barrel profile and sights. R12 feature plain barrels with fixed choke and rifle type sights, VersaMax Tactical shotguns have barrels with vented rib and interchangeable choke system. Both guns feature Picatinny type scope rail at the top of the receiver. R12 also can mount optional accessory rail on the forend.