Saiga 9×19

Saiga-9 semi-automatic carbine


Saiga-9 semi-automatic carbine




Length, overall

805 / 565 mm


3 kg empty

Barrel length

345 mm

Magazine capacity, rounds



Saiga-9 semi-automatic carbine is a relatively new weapon, developed by famous Russian IZHMASH factory (now part of the Kalashnikov concern). It is intended for civilian sales as a sporting, plinking and home defense weapon, and is planned to enter mass production in 2014. The Saiga-9 is based on the proven Vityaz PP-19 submachine gun, which itself is a derivative of the Kalashnikov AK line of assault rifles.


Saiga-9 semi-automatic carbine is built on shortened AK-74M-style stamped steel receiver. It features simple blowback action and fires from closed bolt. It also features typical Kalashnikov trigger, hammer and manual safety arrangements, adapted to semi-automatic only functioning. Feed is from double stack, double feed box magazines, made from plastic. Magazines are compatible with PP-19 Vityaz submachine gun, but are internally restricted to 10-round capacity to conform to Russian laws. Versions planned for Russian market feature barrels 345mm long and internal trigger locks that block firing when shoulder stock is folded. Possible export versions might feature shorter barrels and no trigger lock. Sights are based on typical AK pattern, with adjustable V-notch rear sight and protected front post. Integral Picatinny rail is provided on the top of the receiver cover.