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MP-153 shotgun in typical hunting configuration.
MP-153 shotgun in typical hunting configuration.


MP-153 Practical shotgun, as manufactured for IPSC shooters.
MP-153 Practical shotgun, as manufactured for IPSC shooters.


Type: semi-automatic, gas operated
Gauge: 12, chamber 76 or 89mm (3" or 3.5")
Length: 1280 mm  (with 750mm barrel)
Barrel length: 610, 660, 710 or 750 mm
Weight 3.5 kg
Capacity: 4 rounds in underbarrel tube magazine (upto 9 rounds with magazine extension tube installed)


The MP-153 self-loading shotgun was the first semi-automatic shotgun designed and manufactured by Izhevsk Mechanical Plant (trademark "Baikal"). It was developed simultaneously with the pump-action MP-133 shotgun and shares many parts and assemblies with it. The MP-153 is one of the most popular semi-automatic shotguns of the Russian manufacture, and is widely used to hunt various game across the Russia. It is also sold for export, and in USA it is known as Remington "Spartan" SPR453 autoloader. Duringrecent times, MP-153 also found some favor among Russian IPSC shooters,and Baikal now offers a specially tailored version of the MP-153 withmany "practical / tactical" features such as extended magazine, Picatinny rail mounts on receiver and for end, enhanced cartridge lifter for faster reloads etc. MP-153 shotguns are known for solid (althoughsome what heavy) construction, good reliability and reliability. These shotguns also are strong enough to routinely fire 3.5" / 89mm SuperMagnum shells (provided that the particular gun in question is designed to fire Super Magnums).

The MP-153 shotgun uses more or less conventional gas-operated action with annular piston, located around the magazine tube. Gas system features self-adjusting gas valve which permits to fire a wide variety of loads. The gas regulator is also assembled around the magazine tube, therefore permitting its extension (to increase magazine capacity). Locking is achieved by a tilting locking piece, which is installed in the bolt and engages the notch in the barrel extension when in battery. Feed is from tubular underbarrel magazine which holds 4 rounds (capacity can be enhanced by installing magazine extension tubes). The receiver of MP-153 is made from aluminum forging, stocks(for end and buttstock) are available in wood or polymer. Barrels can be easily removed, and available in a variety of lengths. Barrels are equipped with interchangeable choke system.