Remington 870DM pump action shotgun (USA)

The Remington 870DM box magazine fed pump action shotgun was first announced in late 2017, as a further evolution of the famous Remington 870 line of shotguns. These are highly popular in the USA and abroad for tactical, sporting and hunting applications.


Remington 870DM shotgun

Remington 870DM shotgun


The Remington 870DM features a redesigned feed system using detachable box magazines, hence the DM index – standing for ‘Detachable Magazine’. This improvement allows for much faster magazine reloads than possible with the original tube feed system. It also allows for a fast change of ammunition type for immediate use, i.e. from slugs to birdshot when hunting or from buckshot to breaching slugs or less-lethal rounds when solving various tactical law enforcement problems. It must be noted that this model came to the market at almost the same time as a very similar Model 590M shotgun from O.F. Mossberg, Remington’s major competitor. Also, both American makers came quite late with this concept, because similar pump-action, box magazine fed shotguns were available from overseas gunmakers for many years (i.e. Italian Valtro PM-5, Russian IZH-81KM, Chinese Hawk Type 97-1 and many Turkish guns).


Remington 870DM shotgun

Remington 870DM shotgun, short barreled version


Remington 870DM shotgun Magpul

Remington 870DM shotgun with Magpul stock


The Remington 870DM shotgun has a classic Model 870 design with steel receiver and manually operated slide (or “pump”) action. Its major departure from previous Model 870 versions is the omission of the cartridge lifter and added bolt-on magazine housing, attached over the opening at the bottom of the receiver. The underbarrel tube is empty and serves as a guide for the sliding forend and as a mounting point for the barrel. Detachable magazines are made from a combination of stamped steel and impact resistant polymer and hold 3 or 6 rounds in single stack configuration. The magazine release lever is located at the front of the magazine housing. Remington 870DM shotguns are available in a number of configurations with various barrel lengths and stock types.


magazines for Remington 870DM

Magazines for the Remington 870DM


Specification Value
Full text name Remington 870DM pump action shotgun (USA)
Caliber cartridge 12 Gauge
Action type manual
Trigger type sa
Overall length, mm 978
Barrel length, mm 470
Weight empty, kg 3.4
Magazine capacity, rounds 3, 6