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Ithaca MAG-10 Roadblocker shotgun (USA)

The Ithaca MAG-10 Roadblocker shotgun was a dedicated law enforcement version of the original Ithaca MAG-10 shotgun, produced by the Ithaca Gun co between 1977 and 1986. The Ithaca MAG-10 was the first production semi-automatic shotgun to fire very powerful 10-gauge Super-Magnum ammunition with 3.5-inch (89 mm) shells. Such shells were originally designed in mid-1930s as a joint project between Winchester Cartridge Co and Ithaca Gun Co, and were used in single and double-barrel hunting shotguns. When loaded with traditional lead birdshot, buckshot or slugs, a 10-gauge Super-magnum shell can hold up to 2 ounces (58 gram) of lead, making it extremely effective, but also generating severe recoil forces.



Ithaca MAG-10 Roadblocker shotgun
Ithaca MAG-10 Roadblocker shotgun


The Ithaca MAG-10 Roadblocker shotgun, which typically had a 20- or 22-inch barrel, was originally adopted by the Texas Highway patrol as a car stopper. Being heavy and bulky, it usually rode in the trunks of the police cruisers. Besides its heft, the Ithaca Roadblocker shotgun had a brutal recoil and a limited magazine capacity of just 2 rounds (plus one in the chamber). Last but not least, it was not entirely reliable, and required some tweaking by a competent gunsmith to work dependably. As such, the Ithaca MAG-10 shotgun was not a great success, and in late 1980s its design was sold off to the Remington, which ironed it out a bit before offering an updated and improved version to the sporting public as the Remington SP-10 shotgun.



Ithaca MAG-10 Roadblocker shotgun
Ithaca MAG-10 Roadblocker shotgun


The Ithaca MAG-10 shotgun is a semi-automatic gas operated firearm. It uses a vertically tilting bolt which locks into the barrel extension via single locking lug. Gun has a tubular underbarrel magazine which is loaded through the opening at the bottom of the receiver. Annual gas piston is located around the guide rod in the front of the magazine tube, probably to avoid excessive width of the forend. Most metal parts of the gun are made from the stainless steel, and the receiver is made of steel too. Stock and forend are made from the walnut wood. The stock is fitted with a rubber buttpad to soften the felt recoil. There were several options for the length and the profile of the barrels, but the Roadblocker shotguns usually had relatively short cylinder-bore barrels.


Caliber 10 Gauge, chamber 89mm (3.5”)
Type Semi-automatic
Overall length 840 mm
Barrel length 508 mm (20”)
Weight, empty 5 kg
Magazine capacity 2 rounds