Kalashnikov TG3 gun (Russia)

The Kalashnikov TG3 long gun is an unusual weapon, designed to provide a hunting weapon to Russian shooters, with rifle-like ballistics, while formally retaining a ‘smoothbore’ certification. Shotgun licenses are much easier to get in Russia than a rifle license (the latter requires 5 years prior possession of a shotgun license). This gun will also appeal to tactical shooters who are not yet capable of obtaining a rifle license.


Kalashnikov TG3 gun

Kalashnikov TG3 gun with polymer stock


For all external and technical purposes the TG3 gun is similar to a Tiger hunting rifle, which, in turn, is a civilian version of the famous Dragunov SVD sniper rifle. It’s a gas operated, semi-automatic gun with rotary bolt locking and a short-stroke gas piston. TG3 features a machined receiver and detachable top cover. Ammunition is fed from detachable box magazines, which use an SVD magazine body with single stack plastic insert, necessary for reliable feeding of the relatively blunt-nosed rounds. The TG3 shotgun is equipped with iron sights and a standard side rail is provided on the receiver for the installation of various optical sights.


Kalashnikov TG3

Kalashnikov TG3 gun with wood stock


The key feature of the TG3 that makes it legal for purchase on the shotgun license is its Lancaster-bored barrel with oval cross-section that spirals along the length of the bore. Under Russian regulation, Lancaster bore is considered ‘smooth’, as opposed to other, more conventional types of rifling. To utilize this feature, the TG3 fires a special type of ammunition, known as 9.6/53 Lancaster, which is produced in Russia by Techcrim. This cartridge uses necked-out cases from a 7.62x54R rifle round, loaded with various projectiles of bullet diameter of 10.3mm (9.6mm is the minimum axis of the oval bore). This round can deliver up to 4000 Joules of muzzle energy when firing 15-gram projectiles at up to 700 m/s. Bullet drop at 250 meters with 100-meter zero is about 50 cm, and at 250 meters the bullet retains about 1400 Joules of energy. At 300 meters this gun is accurate enough to reliably hit 30-cm targets. This is sufficient for most large game available in Russia, and allows for accurate shooting at distances of up to 2-300 meters, way beyond the typical capabilities of conventional hunting or tactical shotguns loaded with slugs.


Video about TG3 from Kalashnikov.media


Specification Value
Full text name Kalashnikov TG3 gun (Russia)
Caliber cartridge 9.6/53 Lancaster
Action type semi-automatic
Trigger type sa
Overall length, mm 1100
Barrel length, mm 620
Weight empty, kg 3.9
Magazine capacity, rounds 5