Benelli M4 / M1014

Benelli M4, with closed buttstock.
Benelli M4, with closedbuttstock.

Benelli M4, withextended buttstock.
Benelli M4, withextended buttstock.


Type: gas operated, semi-auto
Gauge:12 (chamber 3″ – 76 mm)
Length: 1010 mm (extended stock), 886 mm (closedstock)
Barrel length: 470 mm
Weigth 3.8 kg unloaded
Feeding: 6 rounds in underbarrel tube magazine


The Benelli M4 Super 90 is developed in Italy by Benelli Armi Spa, and imported into the USA by Heckler&Koch USA, inc.

In early 1999, US AARDEC (Army Armament Research and Development Center), awarded a contract for the XM1014 Joint Service Combat Shotgun to Heckler&Koch USA, inc. Initially, some 20.000 units were to be shipped to the US Marine Corps.

A defining feature of Benelli shotguns in general is their ‘inertia driven’ or inertia recoil operated system. In the case of this model though, it uses Benelli’s patented A.R.G.O. ‘self regulating’, ‘self cleaning’, short piston gas operated system.

Technical Description:

The Benelli M4 Super90 is a gas operated, smoothbore, magazine fed semi-automatic shotgun. Barrel locking is achieved by a rotating bolt with two lugs. The M4 Super90 has dual gas cylinders, gas pistons and action rods for increased reliability.

Low-power rounds, such as less-than-lethal rubber slugs, may be cycled manually. The gun is field stripped without any additional tools. The telescopic stock may be replaced by pistol grip or hunting-style stock without tools.

The barrel has an internal screw-in choke system for increased versatility. Standard sights are ghost-ring rear and blade front. An accessory weaver-style rail is installed at the top of the receiver. This rail can accept scopes, laser illuminators, night-vision sights etc.

This shotgun is so designed that it can fire 3″ and 2 3/4″ (70 and 76 mm) shotshells of different power without any ajustments and in any combination. All surfaces are covered by a ‘Titanium Cerakote’ non-reflective, wear and corrosion-resistant finish. This gun is very reliable in any weather conditions.