LA-12 Puma

LA-12 Puma / Kuandian K13X-12  semi-automatic shotgun




12 Gauge, chamber 70mm (2 3/4”)


Gas operated

Overall length, mm


Barrel length, mm


Weight, empty, kg


Magazine capacity, rounds



The LA-12 Puma shotgun became available for Canadian shooters thanks to combined efforts of a canadian gun importing company Lever Arms and Chinese private gun-making company Kuandian shotgun plant, which designed and produces the gun. It is worth to note that prototypes of thes shotgun were fist displayed in 2006 at Chinese Police expo under designation of “K13X-12 shotgun”.


LA-12 Puma / Kuandian K13X-12 semi-automatic shotgun is gas operated weapon. It uses short stroke gas piston located above the barrel to operate rotary bolt action. Bullpup stock is made from polymer and patterned after the Chinese Type 95 assault rifle. Fired shells are ejected to the right. Gun is fed using detachable box magazines, with capacity of 5 rounds.