Fabarm STF-12

Fabarm STF-12 pump action shotgun


Fabarm STF-12 pump action shotgun, short-barreled version



12 Gauge, chamber 76mm (3”)


Pump action

Overall length

1020 mm (40”) with 510mm (20”) barrel

Barrel length

510 mm (20”); also other lengths between 28 cm and 56 cm (11” – 22”)

Weight, empty


Magazine capacity

5, 6 or 7 rounds


Fabarm STF-12 pump action shotgun is produced in Italy in several versions, intended mostly for professional use by various law enforcement and military operators. These shotguns also can be used for practical sport shooting, home defense and hunting, although some “short” versions might be not considered legal for civilian use in various countries.


Fabarm STF-12 is a manually operated, pump action shotgun. It features aluminum alloy receiver and tubular magazine below the barrel. Magazine capacity varies with the version (depending on the barrel length). Furniture (pistol grip, forend and shoulder stock) is made from impact-resistant polymer. Removable barrels are provided with internal choke system. STF-12 shotguns are offered either with a side-folding skeletonized shoulder stocks, or with no shoulder stocks at all (some most compact versions). Fabarm STF-12 shotguns feature rifle-type fixed iron sights as a default option, and a quick-detach Picatinny rail that runs above the receiver and barrel, which can host either iron sights (ghost ring type) or various red dot sights, according to user choice.