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Heckler-Koch HK 512 semi-automatic shotgun (Germany)

Heckler-Koch HK 512 semi-automatic shotgun was produced during 1970s and 1980s by famous German company Heckler und Koch primary for German military and police use. HK 512 shotguns saw extensive use by special anti-terrorism units such as GSG-9 or KSK, and few were also exported to USA and sold commercially during 1990s. Since Heckler & Koch company had no previous experience in shotgun development, for manufacture of HK 512 shotgun it teamed with another famous gun maker, Italian company Luigi Franchi Spa, which has quite a lot of experience in shotgun manufacture. Apparently, Franchi supplied parts and assemblies to Germany, where H&K factory finished them to German standards, assembled complete guns and proof-fired them.


Heckler-Koch HK 512 shotgun
Heckler-Koch HK 512 shotgun


Heckler-Koch HK 512 shotgun is a gas operated weapon, using annular gas piston, located around the magazine tube. Barrel locking is achieved by a tilting piece, located inside the bolt, which engages the barrel extension. Ammunition is fed from tubular magazine, located below the barrel, and gun was designed to fire all standard 12 gauge shells with hulls up to 70mm (2 ¾”) long. Manual safety was made in the form of a cross-bolt button, located behind the trigger. Stock and forend were made from wood. Fixed rifle-type sights were mounted on the barrel. An unusual feature of the HK 512 shotgun was special shot diverter, mounted on the barrel of the gun. It was a sort of muzzle device, intended to create oval, rather than round shot patterns. Depending on the tactical situation on hand, this shot diverter could be set (rotated) for horizontal or vertical dispersion. It also allows use of most types of standard 12 gauge slugs.


Specification Value
Full text name Heckler-Koch HK 512 semi-automatic shotgun (Germany)
Action type semi-automatic
Trigger type sa
Overall length, mm 1020
Barrel length, mm 463
Weight empty, kg 3,1
Magazine capacity, rounds 7