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Bekas Auto

Bekas 12 Auto shotgun, hunting / home defense configuration.
 Bekas 12 Auto shotgun, hunting / home defense configuration.


Bekas 12 Auto shotgun, hunting configuration.
 Bekas 12 Auto shotgun, hunting configuration.


Type: semi-automatic, gas-operated
Gauge: 12 or 16, chambers 70 or 76 mm ( 2 3/4 or 3 inch)
Length: 1067 mm (with 535mm barrel)
Barrel length: 535, 680, 720 or 750 mm
Weight 3.2 – 3.6 kg
Capacity: 4 rounds in underbarrel tube magazine


The Bekas-Auto shotgun was developed by Russian VPO Molot arms factory from the successful Bekas pump-action shotgun,with many parts being interchangeable between both types of guns. This semi-automatic shotgun is produced in several versions, with variousbarrel lengths and with standard semi-pistol grip wooden stock or with pistol grip (for security / home defense applications). The Bekas-Autohas certain limitations as "fighting" (defensive) weapon, mostly because of its limited magazine capacity; however, it still can makemost jobs done, and is quite popular in Russia due to affordable price and good reliability.

The Bekas-Auto shotgun uses gas-operated action with automatic gas regulator and annular gas piston, located around the magazine tube. gas piston is linked to the bolt group viadual action bars. Locking is achieved by a tilting locking piece, which is installed in the bolt and engages the notch in the barrel extension when in battery. Feed is from tubular underbarrel magazine which holds 4 rounds. Magazine capacity cannot beextended due to the fact that gas regulator is installed at the front of the magazine tube. Barrels can be easily removed, and available in a variety of lengths and styles (with ventilated ribs or with no rib and rifle-type sights). Barrels are equipped with interchangeable choke system. Some Bekas guns are sold as kits with two barrels (long ribbed and short with rifle sights) and with optional wooden pistol grip which can be easily installed by the user instead of the traditional wooden stock.