Molot VPO-208

Molot VPO-208 semi-automatic shotgun


.336TKM cartridge with full-metal jacketed bullet




.336 TKM (9.5x37mm)


Gas operated semi-automatic

Overall length

1025 mm

Barrel length

520 mm

Weight, empty

3.6 kg

Magazine capacity

10 rounds


VPO-208 semi-automatic shotgun is an interesting project of two Russian manufacturers – the Techkrim LTD (maker of hunting and less-lethal ammunition) and VPO Molot, small arms manufacturer. It is a niche product tailored specifically for the Russian civilian market with its peculiar legislative restrictions, where any adult can own a rifle (any rifle) only after 5 years of previous registered ownership of shotgun (any shotgun). Therefore, there is a constant niche for weapons that can be purchased on a “shotgun” license but can emulate rifle by looks, feel, and, if possible, ballistics. The VPO-208 does so by being a smooth-bore conversion of the venerable and popular Simonov SKS carbine, using newly developed .336 TKM ammunition.

The .336TKM is based on the 7.62×39 M43 case, necked out to 9.55mm (.336”) and loaded with variety of bullets, optimized for smooth bored barrels with Paradox rifling at the muzzle (per Russian laws, Paradox-rifled barrel with rifling part shorter than 15cm is still considered a “shotgun” barrel). Nominal bullet weight is 15 gram, muzzle velocity is about 620 m/s. The .336 TKM ammunition is initially available with FMJ bullets, jacketed soft-point bullets and unjacketed (lead) bullets. Shot shell with shot encapsulated inside a bullet-shaped plastic container is still in the works. It is obvious that .336 TKM ammunition and barrels can be used to convert other 7.62×39 rifles into “shotguns”, and the .336 TKM Kalashnikov AKM version is in development at the Molot factory.


VPO-208 semi-automatic shotgun is the same old Simonov SKS carbine, except for the new, smooth-bored barrel with Paradox rifling at the muzzle. It uses gas operated, short stroke piston action and tilting bolt locking. Feed is from integral 10-round magazine which is loaded through the top of the action, with bolt locked back by bolt hold-open device. VPO-208 shotgun uses standard SKS wooden stocks but can accept most after-marked SKS stocks as well.