QBS-09 semi-automatic shotgun with shoulder stock collapsed



Semi-automatic, gas operated




710 – 895 mm / 28 – 35”

Barrel length

382 mm / 15”

Weight, empty


Magazine capacity

5 rounds


The QBS 09 semi-automatic shotgun was developed between 2005 and 2009 by 208th Institute of China Ordnance Industry. In 2009 it was officially adopted by PLA for military use. It is also approved for use by PAP (People’s Armed Police).

Standard ammunition for QBS 09 shotgun is steel-cased DBD09 18.4mm (12 gauge) anti-personnel round which is loaded with 14 pellets of high-density tungsten alloy buckshot set into plastic container. Each pellet is a tungsten alloy ball 5.3mm (~0.2“) in diameter, weighting 1.4 gram (~22 grains).  Muzzle velocity is listed at 420 m/s (1380 fps), with claimed effective range of up to 100 meters. QBS 09 shotgun also can fire most commercially available 12 gauge rounds, as well as low energy “less lethal” ammunition (with manual cycling).


The QBS 09 semi-automatic shotgun is a gas-operated weapon. It uses more or less traditional annual gas piston, located around the magazine tube, below the barrel. Barrel locking is achieved by rotary bolt with dual locking lugs that engage barrel extension, relieving the receiver from most of the stress. Gas system is equipped with manual gas regulator, which has three positions – cut-off (for firing low energy less lethal ammunition, marked “0”), standard (marked “1”) and “harsh environment” (“2”) settings.  Aluminum alloy receiver is provided with corrosion resistant finish, barrel bore and bolt are chrome-lined. Feed is from fixed tubular magazine, located below the barrel, with capacity of 5 rounds. To ensure comfortable firing of high-impulse (Magnum-class) DBD09 ammunition, QBS09 shotgun is provided with spring-buffered retractable shoulder stock. Rifle-type iron sights with flip-up rear blade are marked for 50 and 100 meters. Top of receiver is equipped with proprietary scope rail, compatible with that of QBZ-95 family of rifles.