EMEI EMS-121 / EM-12B Shotgun (China)

The EMEI EMS-121 Shotgun is produced in China by Chongqing Jianshe Industries. It is also marketed in the USA as the EM-12B shotgun or JT-12. This semi automatic shotgun is closely patterned after the Russian Saiga-12 shotgun, and can even utilize some of the same magazines.

The EM-12B shotgun  differs only visually from the Saiga-12, by having a longer receiver. It extends further back, behind the pistol grip. It is also offered with aluminum alloy hand guards, an M-LOK interface and fixed plastic buttstock. Under the designation EMEI EMS-121 these shotguns are offered to other markets outside of the USA in a variety of configurations. They come with fixed or folding stocks, a variety of barrel lengths (16” or 18.5”), various accessories etc.


EM-12B shotgun

EM-12B shotgun, as offered for sale in the USA


Technical details..

The EM-12B shotgun is a gas operated, semi automatic firearm with an action based on the Kalashnikov AK system. It uses rotary bolt locking and the gas system has a 4-position manual gas regulator. Ammunition (with shells that may be up to 3″ in length) is fed from detachable box magazines. The standard magazine capacity is 5 rounds. This gun features a manual bolt hold-open device which can be engaged using the button located next to the pistol grip.

The top cover is hinged at the front and on some versions is equipped with Picatinny rails. The barrel can be equipped with a muzzle brake / compensator or with an interchangeable choke system. The EMEI EMS-121 / EM-12B shotgun is equipped with rifle type iron sights. the rear sight is of AK-47 type (notched rear tangent), adjustable for range. The front sight post is mounted on the gas block.


EMEI EMS-121 shotgun

EMEI EMS-121 shotgun, version with side-folding stock



EMEI EMS-121 shotgun

EMEI EMS-121 shotgun, version with telescoping stock


Specification Value
Full text name EMEI EMS-121 / EM-12B Shotgun (China)
Caliber cartridge 12 Gauge
Action type semi-automatic
Trigger type sa
Overall length, mm 974
Length, folded, mm 754
Barrel length, mm 405
Weight empty, kg 4.5
Magazine capacity, rounds 5