Intrepid RAS-12 / AR-12

Intrepid RAS-12 / AR-12 semi-automatic shotgun, complete gun


Intrepid RAS-12 / AR-12 upper receiver partially attached to AR-10 compatible lower receiver


Diagram of the RAS-12 shotgun shell, loaded with buckshot



12 Gauge (proprietary RAS-12 ammunition)



Overall length

Barrel length

460 mm (18.1”)

Weight, empty

Magazine capacity

5 rounds


Intrepid RAS-12 / AR-12 semi-automatic shotgun is a novel concept, developed by US-based company Intrepid Tactical Solutions. This system further extends flexibility of 7.62mm (.308Win) AR-10 (DPMS-style) semi-automatic rifles by adding a shotgun upper receiver, named AR-12, to the almost endless supply of rifle caliber upper receiver units.


Due to the fact that existing 12 gauge shells with their obsolete rimmed hulls would not easily fit into any AR-10 compatible magazine, Intrepid had to develop their own, proprietary RAS-12 shotgun ammunition. These shells are built on the newly designed rimless polymer case with rebated rim. Combined with ogive nose plug made of plastic it allows for smooth feeding from detachable box magazine. RAS-12 shotgun shells are reloadable, using fired or newly purchased plastic cases and newly purchased nose plugs, plus other standard and widely available components such as powders, buck or shot pellets, wads and shotgun primers. Current (as of late 2014) RAS-12 factory loads include “00” buckshot (9 pellets at 1200 fps) and “7.5” birdshot; reloading components such as RAS-12 plastic cases and nose plugs can be bought in bulk. Similar ammunition, components and upper receivers also produced in 20 gauge as Intrepid RAS-20.


Intrepid RAS-12 / AR-12 semi-automatic shotgun consist of a newly developed AR-12 upper, mounted onto any AR-10 DPMS type lower receiver. AR-12 upper receiver is complete with 18.1” barrel, gas operated action with short stroke piston, proprietary bolt group and a new return spring. Ammunition is fed from modified 20-round .308 cal PMag magazines that hold 5 rounds of RAS-12 shotgun shells in a single stack.