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Kalashnikov TG2 (former Saiga-366) shotgun (Russia)

Kalashnikov TG2 shotgun
Kalashnikov TG2 shotgun


Kalashnikov TG2 shotgun
Kalashnikov TG2 shotgun


Kalashnikov TG2 shotgun, previously known as Saiga-366, is specifically designed and manufactured for Russian market by “Kalashnikov” concern. Its production started in the late 2017.

TG2 shotgun is closely based on the world’s famous line of Kalashnikov assault rifles, specifically the 7.62mm AK103. New shotgun features same looks and design, legendary for its reliability and dependability, and is chambered for the relatively new Russian hunting cartridge, the .366TKM (9.55×39). This cartridge is officially certified in Russia as a “smotthbore” (shotgun) ammunition, because in Russia shotgun license is much easier to obtain than the rifle license. Yet, this cartridge, when loaded with solid bullets (slugs), allows to replicate rifle ballistics and accuracy at ranges of up to 150-200 meters. Typical load for .366TKM round is a lead, jacketed or semi-jacketed projectile weighting between 12 and 15 gram, with muzzle velocities in 550-600 m/s range, making this gun a good option for medium game hunting and a formidable home-defence weapon.

To achieve necessary ballistics and accuracy, the TG2 shotgun features “Paradox” bore, with 120mm of its bore near the muzzle being rifled, thus permitting for formal certification as a “smooth-bore / shotgun” weapon under Russian regulation.
TG2 shotgun is a semi-automatic, gas operated weapon with classic Kalashnikov-type action. It features polymer furniture with side-folding shoulder stock and standard Russian side rail on the receiver for installation of various optic devices. Two Picatinny rails for acessories such as tactical fashlights or laser sights are provided on the polymer forend. Ammunition is fed from detachable box magazines, limited to 10 rounds, and gun features trigger block which prevents firing when shoulder stock is folded, as per Russian laws.


Specification Value
Full text name Kalashnikov TG2 (former Saiga-366) shotgun (Russia)
Caliber cartridge .366 TKM
Action type semi-automatic
Trigger type sa
Overall length, mm 945
Length, folded, mm 705
Barrel length, mm 415
Weight empty, kg 3,6
Magazine capacity, rounds 10