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.366 TKM

.366 TKM cartridge
.366 TKM cartridge

The .366 TKM (9.55x39mm) cartridge was developed by Russian company “Techcrim” for use in a smooth-bore guns with Paradox or Lancaster-type bore. It is based on the 7.62×39 M43 cartridge case, necked out to accept various bullets of 9.55mm nominal calibers. Also available a bird-shot load with small shot loaded into a bullet-like plastic container. Typical loads for .366 TKm cartridge consist of a slug (bullet) weighting from 12 to 15 gram, leaving the muzsle at about 550 – 600 meters per second, making it a decent medium-game hunting cartridge with efective range of up to 150-200 meters. It is also a formidable home-defense load.