AMP-69 grenade launcher / rifle (Hungary)

The AMP-69 grenade launcher was designed by Hungarian engineers during early 1970s and adopted by Hungarian army in 1974. Produced by the FEG factory, it was based on the AMD-65 assault rifle, which, in turn, was based on the Russian Kalashnikov AKM assault rifle. AMP-69 designation stands for “Automata Módosított Puskagránát 1969” in Hungarian language, which means “Automatic rifle modified for rifle grenades, model of 1969”.



The AMP-69 grenade launcher

The AMP-69 grenade launcher loaded with a HEAT rocket-propelled grenade


The AMP-69 grenade launcher

The AMP-69 grenade launcher

The AMP-69 was designed as a multi-purpose weapon that can be used as a grenade launcher or as a standard infantry rifle. As a grenade launcher it was capable of dealing with lightly armored vehicles and even tanks (when firing at their thinner side or rear armor) by using PGK grenades with HEAT warheads. For use against infantry or unarmored vehicles, it can fire PGR grenades with FRAG warheads. Both grenades have similar design with fin stabilization and built-in rocket motors with four angled nozzles, located toward the front end of the tail boom, much like the PG-7 rocket grenades for Soviet RPG-7 launcher. Initial launch was effected by using special propelling blank cartridges, which kicked grenades off the muzzle. Once in flight, rocked motor is ignited, further accelerating the grenade without generating devastating recoil. Maximum velocity for both types of grenades was 93 m/s, resulting in maximum effective range of 450 meters. A PGK grenade had 62mm diameter warhead with 200 grams of HE inside, which was able to penetrate up to 212 mm of RHA armor at 90-degree angle. Total weight of PGK grenade was 0,67 kg, PGR grenade weighted 0,65 kg. Normal loadout for an infantryman-grenadier with AMP-69 was five grenades in a special canvas bag, one 6-shot magazine with propelling blanks, plus a pouch with several 30-round magazines with standard issue 7.62x39mm ammunition. Later on, a less-lethal KFPG grenade was added to the mix. Loaded with tear gas, it was intended to be used as an anti-riot tool.


PGK HEAT (anti-tank) grenade for AMP-69

PGK HEAT (anti-tank) grenade for AMP-69. This is a training (inert) version.


PGR grenades

PGR grenades in training (inert) versions

The weapon itself can be described as a modified Kalashnikov AKM rifle. It retains all basic features of an AKM, including a select-fire, gas operated, rotary bolt action, stamped steel receiver and so on, but there also are some visible changes. The front sight base is moved back toward the gas block, and the front end of the barrel is equipped with a removable grenade launching spigot. Each grenade has a hollow tail which slides over the spigot for launching. When fully seated on the launcher, grenade is held in place by two leaf springs at the rear of spigot. Grenades can be launched only using special blank ammunition; use of live rounds with projectiles to fire a grenade would produce immediate catastrophic results. A manual gas valve is added to the gas block to cut the action off when firing grenades, so in grenade launching mode AMP-69 must be cycled manually. Propelling blanks are loaded into special 6-round magazines which would not accept standard cartridges with bullets. To ensure accurate firing of grenades, AMP-69 grenade launcher is provided with a special optical sight which clamps to a rail, pinned to the left side of a receiver. Sight magnification is 1X. Its mount features tilting mechanism with range scale to ensure proper elevation. Return spring base is modified with a special latch to ensure that top cover would not fly off due to severe recoil of grenade launch.



Special optical sight for an AMP-69 grenade launcher

Special optical 1X sight for an AMP-69 grenade launcher

To make grenade launching more comfortable, AMP-69 has several recoil reduction features, including a spring-buffered folding stock, a spring-buffered forend, and a rubber-coated pistol grip. This allows for more or less comfortable firing in grenade launcher mode.
An AMP-69 grenade launcher also can be used as a standard infantry rifle, once the telescope sight is removed and the gas valve is set to ON position. It can fire in single shots or in full automatic, like any other AKM-type military rifle, and uses similar 30-round magazines.


Firing the AMP-69 grenade launcher

Firing the AMP-69 grenade launcher

AMP-69 grenade launcher / rifle, brief specification:

  • Ammunition: 7.62x39mm M43 + PGK, PGR, KFPG and practice rifle grenades using special blanks
  • Overall length: 920mm (less grenade) ready to fire, 640mm with stock folded
  • Weight: 4.24 kg with grenade launcher sight and no magazine
  • Magazine capacity: 6 grenade launching blanks or 30 standard 7.62mm M43 rounds