Type: automatic grenade launcher
Length: 1030 mm
Weight: 27 kg gun body + 15 kg tripod mount
Rate of fire: 340 – 400 rounds per minute
Maximum effective range: 2200 meters


LG3 automatic grenade launcher is designed and manufactured by Chinese state ordnance factories. It is offered for export sales through the NORINCO corporation.


NORINCO LG3 grenade launcher uses standard 40mm “High Velocity” (40x53mm) ammunition, which is manufactured and used in many countries worldwide and is available in a wide range of modifications and subtypes.


NORINCO LG3 automatic grenade launcher is a full-automatic only weapon, utilizing simple blowback action and firing from closed bolt. It is belt fed, using standard belts with closed loop links. Standard belt capacity is 30 rounds per detachable metallic container, which can be mounted on either side of the gun. LG3 is equipped with dual spade grips and trigger between them. Typical mount is an infantry tripod with adjustable legs. It is also can be fitted to various vehicles such as trucks and armored cars. Standard sighting equipment consist of a specially designed telescope sight on an adjustable mount, plus adjustable  folding iron sights, mounted on the top of the receiver.