M20 Super-Bazooka

M20 Super-Bazooka

M20 Super-bazooka, right side view


M20A1B1 super-bazooka

M20a1B1 Super-bazooka, left side view


M20A1B1 super-bazooka

M20a1B1 Super-bazooka, barrel disassembled


M20 super-bazooka

Firing M20 Super-Bazooka




89 mm / 3.5”


Rocket launcher

Overall length

1524 mm


6.5 kg empty

5.9 kg empty (M20B1)

Max. effective range

~300 meters

Armor penetration

280 mm / 90o


The M20 Super-Bazooka antitank rocket launcher was developed toward the end of WW2 as a more powerful and effective variant of the original M1 / M9 Bazooka antitank rocket launcher. Its effectiveness was enhanced by increasing shaped charge warhead diameter from 60 to 89 millimeters. The launcher tube diameter was also increased to accommodate larger and more powerful rocket. First used operationally during Korean war, the M20 Super-Bazooka antitank rocket launchers and its rockets proved to be quite effective, and US Armed forces used Super-Bazookas in several variants until early part of the Vietnam war. During the Vietnam War M20 launchers were generally replaced by much more compact disposable M72 LAW anti-tank weapons. Other users of the M20 Super-Bazooka antitank rocket launchers included armies of Canada, Italy, France, UK, Portugal and some others.


M20 Super-Bazooka antitank rocket launcher fires solid fuel powered rockets with shaped charge (HEAT) rockets. Primary rocket types are M28A2 HEAT (total weight 4 kg), M29A2 practice and M30 White Phosphorous. Rocket motor normally burns out inside the launcher tube, accelerating the rocket to about 103 m/s (340 fps). In flight rockets are stabilized by radial tail fins. Rocket motor ignition is of electric type.

The M20 Super-Bazooka antitank rocket launcher is built around two-part aluminum alloy smoothbore barrel, open at both ends. Barrel can be easily disassembled into two parts (front and rear) for more compact storage and transportation. Rockets are loaded into the barrel from the rear. After loading, rocket has to be connected to the electric firing system by its own wire, which is manually attached to the contact spring located next to the rear end of the barrel. When fired, the rocket motor creates significant dangerous backblast zone behind the launcher, which is up to 25 yards (23 meters) deep. Electric ignition system uses trigger-operated magneto to produce electric current which sets off the rocket motor. Manual safety is provided on the pistol grip. M20 Super-Bazooka antitank rocket launcher is fitted with folding reflecting optical sight installed on the left side of the barrel tube. Super-Bazooka can be fired off the shoulder, thanks to the skeletonized shoulder stock attached below the rear part of the barrel, and an optional folding bipod can be fitted to fire weapon from prone, supported position. Some Super-Bazooka launchers were also provided with retractable support monopod, located in front of the shoulder stock.