Rocket launcher

Overall length



4.8 kg ready to fire

Max. effective range

~650 meters

Armor penetration


BUR grenade launcher is a new development of the famous Russian KBP design bureau. It is based on the same concept as the RPO-M (which is designed and manufactured by same organization), but is noticeably lighter and more compact, and thus easier to carry by infantry or special forces soldiers while operating “on foot”. Thanks to its improved propelling system, it can be used from inside buildings (with minimum safe volume of the room being about 30 cubic meters, which is roughly equivalent to 16 sq.m. living room). At the moment of this writing (summer 2013) the BUR is undergoing extensive trials by Russian military, and is offered for export sales.


The BUR grenade launcher consists of two major components – reusable fire control unit and rounds of ammunition, factory-packed into disposable storage / launcher containers.
Tubular containers are made from plastic and hermetically sealed with rubber caps at both ends, which are automatically ejected upon launch of the rocket-propelled grenade. At this moment there are two types of the grenades offered for BUR – HE (loaded with Fuel-Air Explosive, which amounts to roughly 6 kg of conventional TNT explosive) and HE-FRAG. Complete round of ammunition (consisting of rocket-propelled grenade in container) weights about 3.5 kg.
The fire control unit is same as used on RPO-M launcher. It is built inside polymer housing, with integral pistol grip and forend. It contains firing mechanism and manual safety, as well as standard side rail for mounting iron, optical or IR / Night sights. Fire control unit is easily attached to the launcher container prior to firing, and equally easy detached after use or for storage and transportation.