Caliber: 35 x 32SR mm
Type: automatic grenade launcher
Length: 1026 mm
Weight: 26 kg
Rate of fire: 350 – 400 rounds per minute
Maximum effective range: 1750 meters


QLZ 04 automatic grenade launcher is designed and manufactured by Chinese state ordnance factories. It is adopted by PLA and is also offered for export. It is already in use by some African militaries.


QLZ 04 automatic grenade launcher is a select-fire weapon, utilizing simple blowback action and firing from open bolt. It is belt fed, using specially designed non-disintegrating belts with open pocket links. Standard belt capacity is 30 rounds per detachable metallic container. QLZ 04 is equipped with dual spade grips and trigger between them. Typical mount is an infantry tripod with adjustable legs. It is also can be fitted to various vehicles such as trucks and armored cars. Standard sighting equipment consist of a specially designed telescope sight on an adjustable mount, plus back-up iron sights, built into the top of the integral carrying handle, located above the receiver.


QLZ 04 grenade launcher uses specially designed, high velocity rounds with 35mm caliber, loaded into the stubby, semi-rimmed cases 32mm long. Projectile weight is around 250 gram, muzzle velocity is 190-200 meters per second. Standard warhead types for 35mm high velocity grenades are HE-FRAG (loaded with 400 3mm steel balls, providing lethal radius of up to 12 meters) and HE-DP, with armor penetration of up to 80 mm and secondary fragmentation