Airtronic RPG-7

Airtronic USA Mk.777 lightweight grenade launcher

Airtronic USA Mk.777 lightweight grenade launcher


Airtronic RPG-7

Airtronic Mk.777


40 mm


recoilless launch + rocket booster

Overall length

908 mm

915 mm


7.09 kg empty

3.5 kg empty

Max. effective range

~500 meters

~500 meters

Armor penetration

Up to 700 mm RHA + ERA, depending on the warhead type


The 50-years old Soviet / Russian RPG-7 rocket grenade launcher is one of the most versatile, most popular and most successful weapons in its class. It can be carried, loaded and fired with good accuracy and effectiveness by one man. Thanks to a wide variety of rocket propelled grenades developed in several countries over last 5 decades RPG-7 can effectively engage a wide variety of battlefield targets – light armor, main battle tanks, bunkers, infantry in the open and behind various barriers and walls etc. Popularity and wide availability of RPG-7 rounds caused the US-based defense contractor company Airtronic to create its own version of this venerable weapon, which can use all types of RPG-7 compatible rounds. Original Airtronic RPG-7 grenade launcher features solid construction with ordnance steel barrel and some useful extras, such as Picatinny rails that can host variety of sights (iron, red dot, telescopic, IR / Night) and adjustable shoulder stock. The more recent Airtronic Mk.777 antitank grenade launcher is especially interesting as it combines all combat capabilities of the basic RPG-7 weapon with extremely light weight, which is achieved by using steel-lined polymer barrel.

The Airtronic RPG-7 is a shoulder fired, single-shot, smoothbore recoilless launcher. Grenades are loaded from the front, and the rear of the barrel is fitted with venturi nozzle. Because of the recoilless design, there is a dangerous backblast zone, more than 20 meters/60ft long. The antitank grenades are of combination type, using a charge of smokeless powder for RCL-type launch. Once grenade reaches safe distance from the shooter (about 10-20 meters), the built-in rocket booster engine ignites and further accelerates the grenade, greatly enhancing the effective range (up to 500+ meters for single warhead grenades, up to200+ meters for much heavier tandem or FAE grenades). Airtronic USA RPG-7 launcher is fitted with backup iron sights and has several Picatinny rails for easy installation of various optical or IR / Night sights. RPG-7 uses mechanical ignition system with manually cocked external hammer, and a single-action trigger. Because of this, grenade must be properly aligned with the firing mechanism upon loading.