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Hawk MM-1 grenade launcher (USA)

The Hawk MM-1 grenade launcher was produced during 1980s in USA by the Hawk Engineering Co, and was used by US Special Forces, as well as by several South American and African countries. While Hawk MM-1 grenade launcher may look much like upscaled Milkor MGL grenade launcher, in fact the Hawk MM-1 is much older design that traces its ancestry back to the Manville machine projector, a revolver-type multi-shot tear gas gun, developed in USA for police use before the Second World War. The MM-1, while being relatively heavy and quite bulky, can provide devastating firepower, with practical rate of fire as much as 30 rounds per minute. It may be very useful in ambushes and other fast-pacing close combat scenarios.


Hawk MM-1 grenade launcher
Hawk MM-1 grenade launcher


MM-1 is a revolver-type weapon, with the heavy cylinder being rotated for each shot by the clockwork-type spring. Spring is wound manually during the reloading. To reload the cylinder, the rear part of the gun is released and rotated sideways to expose the rear of the cylinder, which is connected to the front part of the frame and barrel.


Caliber: 40x46mm
Type: multi-shot, revolver type
Overall length: 635 mm
Weight: 5.7 kg unloaded
Effective range: up to 150 m point targets, up to 350 m area targets
Capacity: 12 rounds