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RPO-M thermobaric grenade launcher / rocket-propelled flame-thrower, complete weapon (top) and FAE rocket (bottom).
 RPO-M thermobaric grenade launcher / rocket-propelled flame-thrower, complete weapon (top) and FAE rocket (bottom).


Caliber: 90 mm
Type: rocket 
Overalllength: 940 mm
Weight: 8.8 kg complete
Effective range: up to 300 m (1700 m maximum)


The RPO-M rocket-propelled flame-thrower is a recent development by theKBP Instrument Design Bureau, and is an improved version of the well-known RPO-A weapon, which was developed by same organization. RPO-M, also known as RPO PDM-A "Shmel-M", is adopted by Russian army and offered for export. It is significantly lighter than RPO-A, has better ergonomics and improved ballistics and terminal effect. It is also more accurate,thanks to the optical sight, integrated into the re-usable fire control unit.

The RPO-M consists of a disposable launching tube / barrel, pre-loaded at the factory with rocket, and a reusable firing control unit, which is attached to the launching tube before use. Once the rocket is fired, empty launcher tube is detached from firing control unit and discarded. The launcher tube is made from fiberglass, with protective rubber covers at both ends. Covers are destroyed automatically when rocket is fired. The firing control unit is made mostly from plastic, and consists of a pistol grip, electronic trigger(ignition electrical impulse is generated by the pull of the trigger)and manual safety mechanisms, and short for end. On the left side of the firing control module there's a folding base that hosts an optical sight, and an additional rail for attachment of an IR / Night sight in equipment. The rocket consists of an solid-propellant engine, folding tail fins and a large thermobaric warhead, loaded with Fuel-Air Explosive. The blast effect of the RPO-M warhead is said to be comparable with that of the 155mm / 6" HE artillery shell.