Caliber: 40x46mm LV
Type: automatic grenade launcher
Length: 830 mm
Weight: 4.8 kg less magazine
Rate of fire: 300 – 350 rounds per minute
Maximum effective range: 400 meters


LG6 automatic grenade launcher is designed and manufactured by Chinese state ordnance factories. It is offered for export sales through the NORINCO Corporation.


NORINCO LG3 grenade launcher uses standard 40mm “Low Velocity” (40x46mm) ammunition, which is manufactured and used in many countries worldwide and is available in a wide range of modifications and subtypes.


NORINCO LG6 automatic grenade launcher is a select-fire weapon, supposedly utilizing simple blowback action. It is magazine fed, using detachable drum magazines with capacity of 5 or 15 rounds.


It is intended primary for one man, hand-held usage, and features skeletonized shoulder stock, pistol grip and additional forward grip. Optional bipod can be installed on the bottom Picatinny rail below the barrel for improved stability and accuracy. LG6 also can be mounted onto lightweight tripod or various vehicle mounts. Standard iron sights are built into the integral carrying handle above the receiver; optional red dot sigh on range-adjustable mount can be installed onto the Picatinny rail which runs above the barrel, in front of the receiver.